Professional Application Process

Build your Profile:

You can build your profile once you call us or drop a query. Our counsellors will be in touch with you.You can schedule a meeting with them or have an interview with them over phone or skype.

We listen to you passively and and answer all your questions. Then, we will discuss about your goals and career objectives.Sometimes we will send you a questionary for psychometric test to assess your goals.

Then we will try to find subjects or careers that you would like to pursue.

Then we assist you atleast for 6 to 12 months working towards your goal through our experience in mentoring.The the admission process starts.

University Selector:

University Selector is a recommendation engine built by our counsellors that takes into account the complete profile of the student to recommend possible programs/ universities that (s)he can apply into at bachelors or masters level.

Study Abroad Application Process;

Once you decide to study abroad, you need to choose the university and the appropriate subject based on your interests, skill set, career goal, and job opportunities. You need to keep finding the right balance of all these parmeters.There is no point in studying something that doesn’t interest you.Similarly, you need to be practical. At the end of the program you need a job to lead a dignified life.

Undergraduate Admission Counselling

Less than 2% of successful applicants end up in top colleges like MIT, Stanford or Harvard from countries like India.. It is due to  lack of information, lack of preparation and rigor for study abroad programmes. Going abroad is an easy option but students do not get themselves trained enough for that. A student spends 10 to 12 hours a day for two years to prepare for IIT-JEE.That kind of effort is not given by the students who is interested to pursue his/her studies in top global universities.

We focus our approach to correct this anomaly and develop creating confidence in our students to apply to the best universities in the world. We fundamentally believe that each one of us has a unique trait and they can be trained rigorously so that they can  focus their approach to work and prepare and are able to get into the top universities in the world.

University and Program Selection:

  • Profile of the student
  • We identify the applicant’s strengths and his long term professional requirements and matching them to the DNA of the university.
  • Essays – Preparation:
  • We start to write an essay in detail taking students interest, strength and goals into consideration.

Interview Preparation:

  • We conduct mock-interviews and test the students out across a range of parameters including Communication (verbal and non-verbal)
  • We provide knowledge about University.
  • We ask the students to narrate


  • We help students secure scholarships in top colleges.Colleges also sometimes aid the students with finance based on their merits, family financial conditions

Post Selection Counselling:

We try to remove fears and doubts among the students and make them comfortable and confidence before they start their learning journey.The process is extremely rigorous and has delivered 100% success rate.


Masters Admission Counselling:

When it comes to admission to Masters, students focus mainly  on much better colleges than their undergraduate colleges. However, 80% of students tend to do Masters to improve their profile to secure better jobs. Therefore, it is very important to do Masters from a great college.

Driven by our deep subject matter expertise, our counsellors are passionate about students’ success and they are assured that they shall get the best-in-class support for their admission to top colleges in the world.

Admission process Masters:

1.College selection basis personality and program assessment

We need to spend atleast 30% of our  time in finding the right program and university which matches with

Profile and narrative building activities

We help students to design and write Statement of Purpose in which we try to uncover multiple layers of students profile to create a strong and unique story about why he / she is interested to study in theparticular college/university and the particular course. 

Motivational Essay and Letter of Recommendation:

It is critical to have appropriate references which are in line with the students’  story and can act as evidences to make narrative authentic.

Interview preparation:

 Our counsellors conduct multiple round of mock interviews to increase the confidence of the applicant.       

Scholarship support:

There are two ways one can secure scholarships.One is requesting for a scholarship from the college you are applying to. and another one is applying to an external organization.

Post Selection Counseling:

These sessions are scheduled to help you maximize the return on investment in education and  secure jobs after completing the program.

We focus on culling out the key story-elements which are relevant to the application and help them build a convincing, data-backed narrative for their admission essays.

Please be cautioned to not use existing templates or ‘essay-writers. It is best to write your own story. And the more you iterate, the more powerful your story will be.

Our Economics graduates went to UPenn and LSE; our Psychology Masters students have been able to get to places like King’s College, London; International Relations and Political Science students went on to study at Harvard Kennedy School and Engineering students went to Berkley. These students really worked hard in securing admits to some of the great colleges despite an undergraduate degree from average colleges. Their belief only helped them Sail Through!

MBA Admission Counselling

MBA admission support is like getting a personal coach who would work with you through your entire MBA application journey. This coach would walk with you right from program selection, knowledge-mining process to build out your story anchors for MBA essays, showcasing your achievement and professional experience and getting ready for the interviews. All this while, counsellor work with you in a rigorous, customized way to build out unique narratives and provide insider’s view that will get you an admission in your choice of college.

This service is not for the faint-hearted. Our applicants are known to work extremely hard and almost always target the top business schools in the world.

The process of MBA application consists of following steps:

B-School Selection

Based on personality and GMAT, selection of B-schools and programs which aligns with your career goals.

Think Through Your ‘Story’

Story is built basis the salient points of your personal experiences, academic background and professional narrative. It should be a coherent, unique and evidence-based.

Essay Questions, Videos

Generally, the parts of your story relevant to the essays are picked and rephrased according to the questions

Right Referees & LOR’s

Choosing the right reference which go well with the story and provide corroborative evidence, is critical.

Interview Preparation:

There are multiple round of mock interviews, sometimes multiple counsellors take mock interviews to improve the confidence of the students.

Scholarship Support:

There are two ways to apply for scholarships, first is to request for a scholarship to the college you are applying to and second is securing a scholarship through external organizations.

Post Selection Counselling:

This plays an important role in planning activities to maximize the return on your investment in your education and securing a job after your MBA.

We focus on culling out the key story-elements which are relevant to the application and help them build a convincing, data-backed narrative for their admission essays.

Please be cautioned  not to use existing templates or ‘essay-writers.’. It is best to write your own story. The more you iterate, the more powerful your story will be!

Why many MBA applicants give up halfway into their application cycle?

Lots to think & write

Honestly, there is a lot to write and before that you need to think through your entire story. After this the applicant answers multiple essay questions across various college applications.

Fluency with multi-media formats

These days, many schools are asking their prospective students to submit essays in video/ slide/ story-book forms. For those of us, who are not naturally inclined to use these tools well, there is a struggle and diffidence in going down that path. Conveying your story emphatically through writing is much easier than a video shoot. Videos have greater impact!

And many more other things to manage

A B-School applicant has to manage many things in a tight schedule. Some other things like GMAT score – a competitive score is just a hygiene factor for a competitive application, get hold of your referees and great letters of reference, polish your CV and your leadership/activities section, etc


Hospitality’ is a vast and diverse industry that suits everyone. We have all eaten out in a restaurant at some stage but just consider the range of eating options available from fast food to fine dining to food from every corner of the world and some even arrives at your table on a conveyor belt!

Then there is the hotel side of the industry, 5 star resort properties to small intimate townhouse hotels and B&Bs each offering a unique set of challenges to the management, and licensed retail trade too, the bars, pubs and clubs; a rapidly changing and expanding industry with such dilemmas and changes to the licensing laws.

Few top universities for hospitality are Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Le Cordon Bleu,James cook university Singapore, University of Queensland, RMIT & others.


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